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Pourboire en ligne

commande-en-ligne-livepepperParce qu’il est toujours aux petits soins, parce qu’il a le sourire ou tout simplement parce qu’il est aimable, récompenser le livreur en lui octroyant un pourboire devient pratique courante. Chaque consommateur est libre de le faire s’il le souhaite.
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AdWords: boost your online visibility

Accompagnement-AdwordsAre you getting started with online ordering, or looking to attract more visitors to your restaurant’s website? LivePepper is at hand to support you with your AdWords campaigns to help improve your online visibility and bring qualified traffic to your site. This service is essential in order to enhance your search engine optimization and drive your sales skyward!

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Online ordering: advanced SEO

seo-livepepperWith advanced SEO, LivePepper brings you an additional tool to boost your site’s search engine optimization. This new feature improves the position of your restaurant’s online ordering site thanks to a personalised description of each page – based on its content. This puts you firmly in line with Google’s requirements!

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Update on digital meal vouchers

titres-restaurant-dématérialisésWith more than 1,200,000 meal voucher cards in circulation, France has unmistakeably entered the digital era. To gain further insight into these new-generation vouchers and better respond to your customers’ new uses, here is an update on the various cards in circulation, and how to recognize them.

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Practical side of online ordering

commande-en-ligne-restaurantHighly practical for restaurateurs, online ordering also offers a number of benefits for customers, including saved time, ease of use and exclusive promotions, among others. To convince your customers to adopt online ordering rather than ordering by phone, you can use a number of tools.

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