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Coronavirus: home deliveries and takeaways still possible for restaurants

coronavirus-livepepper-online-orderingDeliveries and takeaways are still authorized for restaurants in the UK. On Friday 20 March, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the closure of all bars and restaurants. Some of them can, however, continue to offer online ordering, takeaway and delivery services. Faced with this difficult situation, LivePepper has set up a new offer for restaurants. Read on. Continue reading

Promote your restaurant with LivePepper’s communication kit

kit-de-communication-livepepperAre you looking to promote your restaurant which is about to open, has just opened or has already been open for some time? As part of its digital marketing support service, LivePepper offers you a communication kit which you can customize to reflect your brand image, designed by a team of professional graphic designers and available in various formats: business cards, menus, stickers, goodies, and so on. Continue reading

Contact-free delivery faced with Covid-19

commande-en-ligne-LivePepperNow required to close their doors to the public until 15 April (at the earliest) in order to avoid propagating Covid-19, French restaurants are nevertheless authorized to provide online ordering, delivery and takeaway services to their customers. LivePepper invites you to set up a contact-free delivery service in just 1 to 2 working days. Continue reading

Promote your restaurant using Waze

waze-accompagnement-marketingIn the space of just a few years, Waze has become a highly popular app among car drivers, who use it to find out the fastest road routes in real time. It’s also a formidable marketing tool which LivePepper invites you to use to promote your restaurant and increase your visibility. Continue reading

Quantity tags on your online ordering site

TAG-LIVEPEPPERDo you work with fresh products or with very limited stock? LivePepper has developed a solution that lets you limit the quantities of items sold on your restaurant’s online ordering site via your back office. Thanks to these “quantity tags“, the product is no longer visible once all the items in stock have been ordered.


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