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Locator page: redirect your customers to the site of your choice

Your locator page directs your customers to the nearest restaurant. Unless you decide otherwise! LivePepper allows you to customize the url redirection: to the page of one of your restaurants, your own online ordering site, a delivery platform with which you collaborate ... Discover this option, its uses and its advantages !

Why a url redirection from the location page?

By default, your LivePepper site’s location page allows your customers to find the nearest restaurant based on the option they’ve chosen: delivery or collection. If you wish to indicate another url, however, this configuration is not set in stone. You can actually customize the redirect of your customers from the locator page, depending on your restaurant(s) and the services you offer there:

  • a redirection to an Uber Eats-type platform for delivery, but to your own site for collection orders;
  • a redirection to a delivery platform for one or more of your restaurants, but not for the others;
  • etc.

Concretely, the LivePepper technical team adapts this additional option to your needs. It sets up a multi-site configuration (with extra charge) if you do not have one yet. Then you can manage alone the settings that suit you, such as the delivery zones defined on Google Maps, for example.

Locator page: when to activate url redirection?

Do you have several restaurants and only some of them are present on a delivery platform? Do you manage collection orders internally but delegate delivery to a dedicated site? The scenarios vary according to your different brands? Whatever your organization and your goals, your LivePepper responds to all types of requests.

1. You don’t have any delivery people but you wish to create your own site

URL redirection from the locator page can be useful if, for example, you are present on Uber Eats (or another platform that provides deliveries for you) but you also want to get into collection. Your LivePepper is responsible for creating your own online ordering site, standard one or bespoke one. For your locator page, two options will then be set up:

  • the customer who would like to order and he/she chooses a collection option, will be redirected to your LivePepper site;
  • the customer who chooses delivery will have to indicate his/her address or postal code, and he/she will then be redirected to Uber Eats.

You thus capture two types of market while using the commercial potential of your site to boost your sales and make yourself known.

2. You wish to launch your site without losing your customers who are followers of the platforms

This time, let’s imagine a restaurant owner who has been on an Uber Eats-type platform for several years, and who doesn’t want to lose his/her customers who are used to ordering online. You can then:

  • create your online ordering site at LivePepper, and direct your customers there who choose collection;
  • keep your page on Uber Eats, and redirect those who opt for delivery to it.

You will thus be able to familiarize your customers with your new site to consider, in the long term, to leave the platforms and to free you from their high commissions. Thanks to its marketing support, your LivePepper can then help you promote your site!

3. Some of your restaurants already have their site or provide delivery

Do you have several restaurants, some of which have their own delivery solution or their own already existing site? By creating a LivePepper site, you can adapt the redirection from the locator page according to their specificities. Depending on the option they choose (“delivery” or “collection”) and the postal code they enter, your customers will be directed:

  • Either to your LivePepper online ordering site, for collection orders;
  • Either to your existing site, for collection and / or delivery orders;
  • Or, again, to a delivery platform if one of your restaurants is present there.

This solution is particularly conceivable if you wish to keep your sites already operational, but develop a new one for one or more of your restaurants.

In all cases, your LivePepper will help you to set up a bespoke solution, adapted to your requirements and constraints. Please note, however: you will need to pay a subscription to manage this option. Are you interested in url redirection from the locator page? Contact your representative at LivePepper to learn more and configure this option. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and special requests (!

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