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Managing half-half products

Do your customers sometimes find it hard to choose between a Margherita and a Four Seasons? With the half-half feature, let them have the best of both worlds! Here we will discuss this feature, which we recently enhanced.

On-site preview

A half-half product is presented just like any other product. When your customers click “Add”, a window is displayed in which they can choose each half, and any extras on either half. mister-pizza-vitoria

Products included

You determine the list of products that can be included on each half. For example, you can leave out Calzone pizzas, or other special pizzas. If you offer products in various sizes, you can exclude the sizes you want. Thus, for example, small pizzas are not well suited to the half-half feature.

Price calculation

For the customer, the cost is the sum of the following:

  • the price of the item
  • the price of any extras

You are free to choose the calculation method that suits you best. Possible calculation methods for the price of the item:

  • Average price of the two pizzas: if your customer chooses half a Margherita at €10 and half a Four Seasons at €12, the half-half comes to (10+12)/2 = €11.
  • Price of the most expensive of the two pizzas: in the above example, the half-half costs €12, i.e. the price of the Four Seasons.

Possible calculation methods for the price of extras:

  • 50% of the price of the extra: if your customer adds an extra topping of mushrooms on one half, and this extra is normally billed €1.50 for a whole pizza, the additional cost will be 50% x €1.5 = €0.75.
  • 100% of the price of the extra: in the above example, the additional cost will be €1.50. If the customer adds the same extra on both halves, the additional cost will be €3.
  • 100% of the price of the extra, whether for one half or both halves: here, the customer pays €1.50, regardless of whether the extra is added on one half or on both halves.


At present, LivePepper can implement the half-half feature for you (for free). By all means contact us!

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  1. Half and Half is very popular with customers, being able to set the price calculations is fantastic.

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