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5 solutions to promote the online ordering site of your restaurant

Are you looking to increase sales through your restaurant's online ordering site? It's not impossible, as long as your potential customers already know it exists. Marketing and communication offer a wide variety of tools to promote a restaurant's online ordering site. You can also leverage the potential of digital campaigns by using your social media. Here are 5 recommendations to consider:

Invite your customers to order directly on your restaurant’s online ordering site

Don’t forget that communication is not only about digital means. Thus, it is essential to start by addressing customers who visit your physical restaurant or point of sale. 

Creating and printing communication materials to distribute on-site or in the surrounding areas is still relevant. Moreover, numerous creations can be made using your visual and graphic identity, such as :

  • flyers,
  • discount coupons,
  • business cards and loyalty cards,
  • display stands or table easels, stickers,
  • magnets, and other goodies,
  • a complete communication kit,
  • and more. 

QR codes are a great way to redirect customers to your site or app, and you can also use posters and point-of-sale advertising to promote your restaurant’s online ordering site.


Boost your restaurant’s online ordering site SEO

Once your online ordering platform is known to customers, focus on its online visibility. To improve its position on search engines, you need a proper SEO strategy. This strategy revolves around three axes: 

  • natural referencing, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is a dedicated tab on your LivePepper back-office,
  • paid referencing through campaigns set up from your Google Ads account,
  • and local referencing by using tools offered by Google Business or Waze

These three methods share the same objective: improving the position of your restaurant’s online ordering site so that it appears prominently among the search results provided by Google and others.

Exploit digital marketing tools with targeted online campaigns

To increase traffic to your restaurant’s online ordering site, focus on marketing. In other words, capitalize on your valuable customer data for your campaigns. These online data on customers who have already placed an order on your site are essential for targeted marketing actions. They allow you to customize your offers based on your customers’ status and their preferred products.

Email marketing is also a powerful promotion tool. This email sent to a broad audience offers a practical, quick, and cost-effective solution. Don’t hesitate to use it to promote your restaurant’s online ordering site, relay your offers and promotions, and generate traffic to your site.

Mention your restaurant’s online ordering site on your various social media platforms

If your restaurant is present on social media, use these platforms to promote your online ordering site. Like Facebook or Instagram, social media platforms reach a wide audience, and you would be mistaken to ignore them. Encourage your followers to visit your restaurant’s online ordering site through your posts:

  • Highlight a promotion or a special offer;
  • Zoom in on a new product, a limited edition, or a menu change;
  • Create “inspirational” posts to whet the appetite or pique curiosity;
  • And more.

In general, take advantage of every opportunity to create attractive content that is consistent with your brand image. If necessary, LivePepper offers a community management service to restaurateurs who lack time or ideas to manage their social media accounts.

Improve the attractiveness, content, and news of your restaurant’s online ordering site

Attracting users to your restaurant’s online ordering website is good, but ensuring they stay and have a smooth navigation is even better. Because the best advertisement for your website is your website itself, ensure the quality of its content. It should be both visually appealing and easy to use. Keep it updated with:

  • High-quality texts, written by yourself or provided by a professional web writer;
  • Beautiful images, with photos that showcase your dishes and products;
  • If possible, news content to boost search engine optimization and give a dynamic image.

Your clients or potential clients will also appreciate the features offered: product customization, advanced ordering, loyalty program… Not only do they contribute to a successful customer experience, but their launch is a good pretext to communicate!

If you want to promote your restaurant’s online ordering website based on these recommendations, LivePepper can assist you with your different communication actions. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our offers and effectively promote your virtual storefront (

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