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Payment gateway on your online ordering site

To set up an online payment facility on your online ordering site, you can either use a traditional banking payment gateway, or an optimized payment gateway such as Ingenico.

Payment gateway with a traditional bank

Cost for an independent restaurant

To set up an online payment facility via a traditional payment gateway:

  • LivePepper charges €300 to connect the restaurant to a standard payment gateway.
  • You must take out a distance selling agreement with your bank: costs vary by bank.

Cost for a restaurant chain or franchise

We can offer a discount if you have a minimum 10 restaurants to connect at the same time. The exchanges with the bank to complete this procedure tend to be long and tedious. To benefit from this discount, please send us all the necessary data for the connection and for all the restaurants concerned. Each franchise concerned must take out a remote selling agreement with its bank. We will then set up a gateway so that each franchise can receive online payments directly in its bank account.

Steps to take

  • Whether your restaurant is an independent establishment or a chain/franchise, you must complete the necessary steps with your bank and take out a distance selling agreement;
  • The bank will request a LivePepper technical contact.
    Enter: Antoine Monnier,;
  • The bank will then send us the codes required to set up the online payment facility on your online ordering site.

Optimized payment gateway

ingenico-epayments-logo Effectively increasing your online revenue means providing your customers with an optimized experience. To streamline the purchase process, Ingenico ePayments solutions allow customers to enter their bank card number on the online ordering site without having to switch to the bank’s website. Your customers thus pay for their purchases in just a few clicks, and their banking details are saved on Ingenico’s secure servers, for an optimal customer experience.


1. LivePepper
> LivePepper charges €450 to connect one restaurant to Ingenico: (possible discount of €200 per restaurant for a minimum 5 restaurants connected at the same time). This price includes the linking and creation of an additional webpage for entering and saving the customer’s banking details on your online ordering site.

2. Ingenico
> You must also pay a fee with Ingenico; this fee has been negotiated for LivePepper customers. For more details on our promotional prices, please contact us.

3. Your bank
> Lastly, you must take out a remote selling agreement with your bank, stipulating that you will be using Ingenico’s payment gateway.

Steps to take

  • LivePepper refers you to the Ingenico teams (contact );
  • Ingenico will then contact us to complete your subscription to their solution and all the administrative formalities;
  • Ingenico will ask us for your remote selling agreement number which you must obtain from your bank;
  • Ingenico will ask you to authorize LivePepper to access your account; by accepting, you will allow us to complete your account’s technical setup;
  • Once all of this has been done, LivePepper will finalize the online payment facility’s setup on your online ordering site.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m from Sushi54, already one of your customers via Andromeda and would like to switch to the ingenico payment system to try and avoid the large amounts of unprocessed payments our customers report.

    I’m also waiting for you to set up Paypal on our web payment page.

    Please let me know what the costs would be and what information you would need

    Many thanks

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