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A communication pack to promote your restaurant’s mobile app

Does your restaurant's online ordering site also have an app version? Make it known to your customers thanks to the communication pack designed by LivePepper. From flyers to social networks, it provides you with all the essential tools to promote your restaurant's mobile app. This formula is all the more relevant since the majority of online orders are now placed from a mobile.

The mobile app for your restaurant, a great sales booster

Currently, mobile shopping has supplanted desktop shopping in many industries. More specifically, it is estimated that 60.1% of e-commerce transactions are now carried out from a mobile [1]. And the trend seems to be firmly anchored, according to these other figures published in early 2023 [2]:

  • 95.9% of the world’s population is equipped with a smartphone;
  • 92.3% of Internet users worldwide have already connected from a mobile device;
  • 1.85 billion people ordered food through an online platform in 2022;
  • They are 146 million more than in 2021, an increase of 8.6% over one year.

Overall, the global market for online food ordering reached almost $305 billion in 2022. The windfall of potential users is such that it has become essential to have a mobile app for a restaurant. LivePepper can develop an app in the colors of your restaurant’s online ordering site. It takes up not only the design but also the content, for perfect ergonomic and graphic consistency. Your customers can thus order online directly from the smartphone that they always have at hand!

What does the communication pack for restaurant mobile app contain?

Having a mobile app for your restaurant is good. It still needs to find its users and become a real vector of sales. This is the whole objective of the communication pack for restaurant mobile apps designed by LivePepper and its teams, which includes:

  • design and printing of flyers;
  • drafting and sending an emailing;
  • the creation of posts on social networks;
  • Adding banners to your restaurant’s online ordering site.

A flyer with flash code to distribute to your customers

Firstly, this pack to communicate with your customers on your restaurant’s new mobile app includes a flyer. LivePepper is in charge of creating and printing 5,000 flyers, in 10×15 cm format. The flyer, which can also be found in the LivePepper communication kit, is displayed in the colors of your restaurant. It includes, in addition to the essential information, a flash code to access the download of your mobile app.

An email sent to all your contacts

Secondly, rely on the expertise of LivePepper to broadcast an optimized email announcing the launch of your restaurant’s mobile app. Our teams take care of its graphic creation and sending it to the contacts in your database. In a single campaign, you notify all your customers of the new service available to them. Emailing remains a powerful tool, fast, targeted and optimized, inexpensive to deploy.

Publications posted on your social networks

To communicate on your restaurant’s mobile app, LivePepper also manages the animation of your social networks. Concretely, it is a question of creating and publishing 3 posts on Facebook and 3 on Instagram, i.e. 6 in total. This campaign takes place in three stages over a period of a month and a half, at the rate of:

  • 2 posts 15 days before the launch of the app;
  • 2 posts on D-Day;
  • 2 posts 15 days later.

Thus, you bring your networks to life with current content while showcasing your restaurant’s mobile app.

Banner ads on your website

Last element that makes up the communication pack for your restaurant’s mobile app, the banners. Once again, the objective is to multiply the communication media to announce the news of its launch. Here, LivePepper’s expertise comes in the form of custom banners for your restaurant’s website. This service first involves the creation and integration of a banner on the home page of your site. It also includes a banner on the product pages of your restaurant’s online ordering site. These are all strategic locations to communicate on your restaurant’s mobile app to your existing customers.

Marketing support for your restaurant’s mobile app

Beyond this communication pack dedicated to the mobile app for restaurants, LivePepper deploys a whole range of marketing support for restaurateurs. From their graphic identity to their Instagram account, our teams offer tools that are 100% dedicated to them. In this complete and customizable offer, we find in particular some of the services of the communication pack presented above. In addition, among others:

  • the creation of your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, etc.);
  • editorial and visual content for your website (text, iconography);
  • help with referencing, to take care of your visibility on search engines;
  • various bespoke services to be adapted according to your needs and your budget (targeted advertising, Google Ads campaigns, production of goodies, etc.).

In this way, you can effectively promote your restaurant’s mobile app, but also its online ordering site. More generally, marketing support is like a real “toolbox”. Therefore, you will find everything you need to build, repair or consolidate your reputation. In short, to promote your brand, your brand, your products and your services!

Do you need to promote your restaurant’s mobile app, matching your online ordering site? As part of its marketing support, LivePepper has developed a communication pack to promote it. If you wish to announce the arrival of your app to all your customers and you would need some help, please contact us at

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[2] Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, We Are Social & Hootsuite, Janv.2023

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