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How to manage the Add-ons tab from the LivePepper’s back office?

A real toolbox, the LivePepper’s back office gives you access to many features to manage your restaurant's online ordering site. Among them, the "Add-ons" tab allows you to add links to your social networks but also to connect your site to other applications (Google Maps, HubRise, etc.). Here are some tips on how to use it.

Discover the Add-ons tab

The “Add-ons” tab is accessible from the LivePepper’s back office that you use to configure, manage and modify your online ordering site.

This section offers you many possibilities:

  • Adding links to your various social networks so that your customers can easily access them from your site. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons are then displayed on the corporate site and / or in the footer of your online ordering site
Online ordering site: Giorgio’s Pizza
  • The connection with HubRise, which allows you to be connected with other solutions as OrderLine, OrderLord, Nestor, JDC, iKentoo, etc. 
  • Registering your Mailchimp account. To take full advantage of this option, you should associate it with the Signing up for the newsletter. A banner is then added to the corporate site to allow customers to subscribe with just a few clicks. Another option to improve your digital communication is the emailing campaign, proposed by LivePepper as part of its marketing service;
  • Access to valuable tools for monitoring your audience, such as Google Conversion, which assesses Internet user interactions with your ad, Google Analytics, which records and decrypts traffic on your restaurant’s website, or even Facebook Pixel, which helps you to analyze the behaviour of visitors to your website
  • Adding your email address which will be displayed on your site to make it easier for your customers to contact you;
  • Association of your Google Tag Manager account which is a tag management system that allows you to update tracking codes and related code snippets (collectively called tags) quickly and easily on your website. This account and the Google Analytics account are often added when setting up Google Ads campaigns. Remember, LivePepper offers Google Ads service;
  • The integration of your YouTube channel in case you publish videos about your restaurant and your activity;
  • Inserting links to Google Maps so that your customers who click on the map on your homepage can be redirected to the Google Maps application to easily find your restaurant.

The “Add-ons” tab allows you to control several extremely useful tools to boost the content of your online ordering site and improve the experience of customers who use it. Do not hesitate to contact us ( to learn all about this tab or other options of your back office!

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