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Managing an online loyalty programme

By offering an online loyalty programme on your restaurant’s website, you can reward your regular customers while increasing the average basket.

Online loyalty programme: standard loyalty points

For you, the restaurateur, this consists in setting up a loyalty programme for which you define:

  • a rule for earning points;
  • a rule for using points.

Here are some examples of rules for earning points which you can set up on your restaurant’s website:

  • 1 point per euro spent
  • 1 point per order placed
  • 1 point for certain products purchased

You can also define rules for using points earned:

  • 10 points to obtain a free item
  • 10 points to obtain a discount of €10

You can even define the validity period of points earned by your customers, to limit them in time.

Benefits of the loyalty programme for you and your customers

For your customers

The online loyalty programme’s main benefit for your customers is the possibility of making savings via free products or discounts. The psychological aspect also plays its part: your regular customers get to see their loyalty rewarded, which enhances their appreciation. Generally speaking, Internet users welcome this form of recognition.

For your restaurant

Setting up an online loyalty programme has a proven effect on your business:

  • you limit the risk of losing customers, and so retain your customer base in the long term;
  • you foster your customers’ attachment to your establishment, which consolidates the relationship;
  • you encourage your customers to purchase, which has a positive impact on the average basket amount;
  • you gather information on those customers who sign up for your loyalty programme, allowing you to better target your offers and promotional campaigns.

LivePepper gives you the choice between a standard or advanced loyalty programme. To set up the standard programme, in your LivePepper back office, go to  Settings > Loyalty, check the “Let my customers earn and use points” box, then follow the indications.

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