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A specific page designed to “compose your own” products on your online ordering site

feature-bespoke-site-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantDoes your restaurant have a bespoke LivePepper site? If so, you can opt for an additional page dedicated to the “bespoke” composition, proving to be very popular amongst the clientele! This has been created by our designers. That is to say, according to your expectations, it improves the experience of its users. In other words, they can see clearly, step by step, the personalized recipe they are composing. Consequently, they therefore have control over the choice of ingredients. Continue reading

A specific page dedicated to half and half composition for your online ordering site

online-ordering-restaurant-livepepper-pizzeria-websiteWho has never hesitated between two dishes, or two recipes when ordering online? In order to avoid this type of dilemma, your LivePepper team has created a page specially dedicated to “half and half” composition. That is to say, prepared by our graphic designers, and implemented by our developers on your bespoke site, it will satisfy your customers’ desires! Continue reading

Online ordering: your menu on a single web page

feature-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantWhen a customer scrolls through your menu to change product categories, the web page remains the same. In other words, this is a basic feature common to all LivePepper clients, however it is not a requirement. That is to say, you can choose to assign a web page to each category with a paid option. Both solutions have their advantages! We will explain everything to you. Continue reading

Online ordering: 4 structures to customize your standard site

online-ordering-custom-design-restaurant-livepepperThe design of the standard LivePepper site is evolving to offer you more and more formatting options. That is to say, now you have access to 4 different structures, to present your menu on your restaurant’s online ordering site. Menu on the side or at the top, number of products per line … Most importantly, YOU choose the layout according to your preferences and the content of your menu. Continue reading

A table ordering service inspired by online ordering

table-ordering-online-ordering-livepepper-feature-restaurantYour LivePepper offers its restaurant customers a fully digital table ordering service. In other words it operates on the model of their existing online ordering site. Convenient and easy to use, the table order meets the new uses of increasingly connected customers. More importantly it optimizes work, organization and therefore costs for the restaurants that set it up. Continue reading

Online ordering: online payment offer with PayPal

paypal-online-ordering-livepepper-restaurant-paymentA convenient and secure online payment solution, PayPal allows your customers to pay for their order in just a few minutes. Would you be interested in integrating it into your restaurant’s online ordering site? Furthermore, as part of its special offer, LivePepper can quickly set up this payment method for you from your back office. Continue reading

Online ordering site: LivePepper expands its subscription offering

livepepper-subscription-restaurant-online-orderingUntil now, you could choose between two monthly subscription plans for your restaurant’s online ordering site. One at € 59 excluding tax and the other at € 99 excluding tax. Since March 1, 2021, your LivePepper subscription offer now includes 4 non-binding pricing plans and many new features. More importantly, offering even more choice and functionality! Continue reading

Stripe: a convenient payment method for online ordering

stripe-paiement-solution-livepepper-online-ordering-restaurantStripe is a payment platform specially designed for e-commerce professionals, that is to say, adapted to online ordering for restaurants. This one-click payment solution meets the expectations of customers looking for simplicity and speed. Most importantly, with the LivePepper special offer, 24 hours are enough to set it up on your online ordering site! Continue reading